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Week 3 Free Essays

Understudy Exam 1/16/12 9:14 AM Week 3 : Managing Assets and Resources in the Digital Firm †Homework Save Answers Submit for Grading 1. A trademark or quality portraying an element is called a(n) (Points : 1) field. tuple. We will compose a custom paper test on Week 3 or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now key field. property. 2. The disarray made by _____ makes it hard for organizations to make client relationship the executives, gracefully chain the board, or venture frameworks that incorporate information from various sources. (Focuses : 1) clump preparing information excess information autonomy web based handling 3. Copy information in various information documents is called (Points : 1) information excess. ata increase. information autonomy. information reinforcements. 4. A DBMS (Points : 1) makes the physical database accessible for various coherent perspectives. makes the intelligent database accessible for various systematic perspectives. makes the physical database accessible for various systematic perspectives. makes the social database accessible for various systematic perspectives. 5. The legitimate view (Points : 1) shows how information are composed and organized on the capacity media. presents a passage screen to the client. permits the making of valuable reports. presents information as they would be seen by end clients. 6.The kind of consistent database model that regards information as though they were put away in two-dimensional tables is the (Points : 1) OODBMS. pre-advanced DBMS. social DBMS. progressive DBMS. 7. A field distinguished in a table as holding the interesting identifier of the table’s records is known as the (Points : 1) essential key. key field. http://takeexam. next. ecollege. com/(NEXT(f83986aacf))/Main/CourseM†¦703=rDEJX%252foi1wqaW6CBxURnSNa8tZLcim9DauNr3z3CFpI%253d Page 1 of 3 Student Exam 1/16/12 9:14 AM essential field. exceptional ID. 8. The information word reference fills in as a significant information the executives apparatus by (Points : 1) ssigning credits to the information. making a stock of information contained in the database. introducing information as end clients or business pros would see them. keeping up information in refreshed structure. 9. A mechanized or manual document that stores data about information components and information attributes, for example, use, physical portrayal, proprietorship, approval, and security is the (Points : 1) information word reference. information definition chart. element relationship graph. relationship word reference. 10. Which is the sort of database the board approach that can deal with countless pages or records? Focuses : 1) Hierarchical DBMS Relational DBMS Network DBMS NoSQL 11. Which is the most noticeable information control language today? (Focuses : 1) Access DB2 SQL Crystal Reports 12. DBMSs regularly incorporate report-creating instruments so as to (Points : 1) recover and show information. show information in a simpler to-understand design. show information in diagrams. perform prescient examination. 13. A schematic of the whole database that portrays the connections in a database is called (Points : 1) the information word reference. the crossing point relationship graph. the substance relationship chart. the information definition chart. 14. What is the way toward smoothing out information to limit repetition and cumbersome many-to-numerous connections? (Focuses : 1) Normalization Data scouring Data purifying Data characterizing http://takeexam. next. ecollege. com/(NEXT(f83986aacf))/Main/CourseM†¦703=rDEJX%252foi1wqaW6CBxURnSNa8tZLcim9DauNr3z3CFpI%253d Page 2 of 3 Student Exam 1/16/12 9:14 AM 15. Distributed computing offers (Points : 1) no database capacities. some database capacities. items just from Amazon and Microsoft. Nothing from what was just mentioned 16. An information distribution center is made out of (Points : 1) recorded information from inheritance frameworks. current information. interior and outer information sources. istoric and current inward information. 17. An information shop normally can be built more quickly and at lower cost than an information distribution center since (Points : 1) an information bazaar regularly centers around a solitary branch of knowledge or line of business. all the data is verifiable. an information shop requires a Web interface. the entirety of the data has a place with a solitary organization. 18. Information mining is a device that permits clients to (Points : 1) rapidly analyze exchange information assembled over numerous years. find concealed connections in information. get online responses to specially appointed inquiries in a quick measure of time. sum up monstrous measures of information into a lot littler, customary reports. 19. What is the device that empowers clients to see similar information in various manners utilizing different measurements? (Focuses : 1) Predictive investigation SQL OLAP Data mining 20. OLAP is an instrument that empowers (Points : 1) clients to get online responses to impromptu inquiries in a short measure of time. clients to see both consistent and physical perspectives on information. software engineers to rapidly outline information connections. software engineers to standardize information. Spare Answers Submit for Grading http://takeexam. next. ecollege. com/(NEXT(f83986aacf))/Main/CourseM†¦703=rDEJX%252foi1wqaW6CBxURnSNa8tZLcim9DauNr3z3CFpI%253d Page 3 of 3 Step by step instructions to refer to Week 3, Essay models Week 3 Free Essays What was Francis Henry Galton’s significant commitment to measurable science? Francis Henry Galton’s significant commitment to scientific science was fingerprinting. Despite the fact that he wasn’t the principal individual with fingerprinting, he was increasingly effective with the thought and the logical information that he knew. 2. We will compose a custom paper test on Week 3 or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now Who is known as â€Å"the father of criminological toxicology† and why? Mathieu Orfila is known and â€Å"the father of legal toxicology†. In 1814 he distributed the primary book on toxic substances and how they influence creatures. He is additionally known to be the maker of criminalistics. 3. Name two significant commitments to criminological science made by Hans Gross. Hans Gross composed the principal book on logical controls in criminal examination. He likewise composed a diary on criminology that is utilized to distinguish wrongdoing. 4. With what territory of criminological examination are Karl Landsteiner and Dr. Leone Lattes related? Landsteiner and Dr. Lattes both related in Forensic Medicine. Landsteiner found that blood could be placed in various gatherings. After Landsteiner’s revelation Dr. Lattes built up that various bloods could be utilized to recognize individuals. 5. Who was the main individual to apply the standards of scientific science to a working wrongdoing research center? 6. What is Locard’s trade standard? Locard’s trade standard is a cross-move that happens when two articles come into contact with one another. At the point when two articles hit each other materials are traded. For instance when two vehicles crash into one another the paint moves to the next vehicle. He accepted that particles from a wrongdoing scene would be moved to the lawbreaker. 7. With what instrument did Dr. Walter C. McCrone make noteworthy commitments to scientific science? McCrone carried the magnifying lens into the measurable science field. The magnifying instrument is an incredible use for close up assessment of items utilized. McCrone wound up turning into the world’s superior microscopist. He was exceptionally devoted to his work and realized what he was doing.  Step by step instructions to refer to Week 3, Papers

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Kaizen Costing Method And Its Role In The Management Of An Entity Accounting Essay

Kaizen Costing Method And Its Role In The Management Of An Entity Accounting Essay 1. Presentation The motivation behind my article is to tell the supervisors about a costing technique, which applied even in the present emergency, won't just lead to an evasion of liquidation, however may prompt even make a benefit by improving intensity and money related effectiveness. Quality intends to ceaselessly fulfill the clients needs, absolute quality intends to constantly satisfy the clients needs as far as least expense, and all out quality administration guarantees to consistently fulfill the clients needs as far as least cost, including all representatives. 2. Targets The fundamental goal of this exploration is to recognize an answer for lasting increment of creation quality while lessening cost and time of selling. To accomplish this objective, we directed a hypothetical crucial research, through which I attempted to transpose a few highlights of Japanese administration plan for another costing strategy. 3. Procedure With no aim to debilitate the constraints of thissubject matter, I made intrigue in my logical way to deal with a thorough investigation of the writing and dissected different perspectives brought by pros up in this field. I made intrigue to examine strategies, for example, documentation, investigation, union. Presumptions, procedure approach and the outcomes are my own commitments. 4. Investigations Support and improvement are two indistinguishable ideas in Japanese administration. Improvement is surveyed by two terms: kaizen and advancement. Kaizen is a Japanese administration idea propelled by Masaaki Imai, which end up being the way to Japanese serious achievement. The noteworthiness of this idea is: KAI = Change and ZEN = for better, and the interpretation is persistent improvement, that implies little enhancements to the continuous endeavors. In contrast to the Western origination, suggesting absolute change, everywhere time periods, utilizing a lot of assets and a significant expense level, Kaizen Costing looks for day by day, progressive, slow, yet nonstop enhancements, which happen at negligible expense. Kaizen Costing message technique is that a solitary day ought not go without an improvement to mediate in the movement of every worker or every element. The Japanese have demonstrated that by applying this methodology, improvement is accomplished with negligible use. Explicit qualities that guarantee effective methodology of Kaizen exercises are the accompanying: dismisses all thoughts executed so far in the association of creation; rejects the entire existent circumstance; it doesn't search for flawlessness, looking for a 40-half improvement of the existent circumstance, however at an adequate expense; permits any supervisor to utilize their insight and individual abilities; the thoughts created by numerous individuals are superior to the thoughts of a solitary individual; the enhancements have no restrictions. Cost is one of the essential engineered markers that describe the viability of an entitys movement. The significance of creation cost is identified with the capacities it satisfies with regards to monetary money related instrument, schematically introducing itself as follows: guarantees the resumption of creation, gauges the methods for creation and work, permits the figuring of some effectiveness pointers and the genuine information on movement quality, measures the benefit of financial substances, etc.â [1]â Kaizen Costing Management is centered around improving each procedure of a mechanical item sheet, the principle objective being wiping out misfortunes and limiting expenses. Procedure improvement guarantees creation productivity, kaizen type exercises guaranteeing boost of item esteem relating to the necessities of the recipient, a subjective separation of this. There are dispensed with every one of those elements of the item which the client has no enthusiasm for and which bring a cost increment without a reporter in esteem. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¾The KAIZEN standards presumes a handy methodology and low expenses of progress. The Kaizen the board framework depends on the ceaseless misfortune decrease by methods for strategies that don't depend on speculations, yet on the improvement of the procedures and the employeesperformance. As per the Kaizen standards, we should be certain that, when we make a move, our activity will go on in the most ideal manner and isn't simply a middle of the road activity to create a brief resultâ [2]â Development is accomplished by unexpected changes and produces radical enhancements, contrasted with the underlying circumstance, which is because of critical interests in innovation, execution and hardware. Figure no. 1 shows the differentiation between development, kaizen and upkeep: Source: Imai 1997 Figure no. 1 Along these lines, Imai (1997) portrays that the improvement can be partitioned into Kaizen and development. Kaizen implies little upgrades because of progressing endeavors. Development includes an uncommon improvement because of huge venture of assets in new innovation or gear. The creator additionally clarifies that with regards to Kaisen, the board has two significant capacities: upkeep and improuvement. Upkeep alludes to exercises coordinated towards keeping up current innovations, administrative and working measures, and maintaining such principles through preparing and control. Under its upkeep work, the executives plays out its allocated errands so everyone can keep standard working procedure.â [3]â Thomas M. Fischer and Jochen A. Schmitz K in Control Measures for Kaizen Costing-Formulation and Practical Use of the Half-Life Model thought about that Kaizen costing centers around constant decreases of costs, which ought to be acknowledged for existing items in an organization. For arranging and control purposes, complete and effective devices for estimating execution are requiredâ [4]â . 4. Basic In actualizing Kaizen Costing procedure, directors depend on different strategies, techniques and apparatuses, for example, quality circles, proposals framework, kanban, absolute profitable support, activity plans, and so on. The accomplishment of this technique is dependent upon various changes in the entitys culture and worth framework on which it is based. Recommending little advances procedure, Kaizen Costing is an idea of umbrella which treats the fundamental strategies and ideas applied in quality administration in Japan and whose worth is perceived around the world (Figure no. 2).The prevalence of the idea originates from the way that, by applying little advances methodology, the important assets are inconsequential, while the procedures dependent on developments include colossal ventures, in spite of the fact that the outcomes are generally the equivalent. What's more, Kaizen acquires the bleeding edge the workers of the substance, who are spurred to partake intentionally and capably to accomplish the goals of the element. In this procedure the most significant measurement is the hierarchical one, the capacity to impart. Fruitful execution of this methodology is given by the specialized and administrative information, set up, and by the across utilization of some administration apparatuses (ABC, benchmarking). Source:; Imai (1986) Figure no. 2. The usage of Kaizen Costing the board framework in financial associations in our nation would bring prompt gains by wiping out waste and misfortunes, expanding work efficiency by 20-30%, diminishing working expenses by 15-20%, lessening utilized territories, decreasing the hardware needs and expanding the utilization of the staying, expanding staff inspiration. Kaisen Costing centers the element intrigue and consideration on those spots where you can diminish costs, this implies on working the creation procedure and its improvement in the most effective manner. In contrast to Target (utilized by configuration staff before the item is underway), Costing Kaizen Costing is utilized by creation staff during item produce. Both follow a similar objective, yet they contrast in the technique for settling the objective: on point of view, Target Costing depends on client contemplations, while Kaizen Costing depends on gainfulness targets forced by chief. As a technique for cost computation and resizing, Kaizen Costing speaks to the statement of coming back to the source, through the reasons for execution and the underlying foundations of profitability, what is conceivable in a cross-survey, and playing out a procedure examination under the ABC Method. Cost decrease approach results by contrasting the objective expense with the assessed one, and is satisfied as far as worth, through an iterative procedure of ceaseless improvement.â [5]â In this way, Kaizen Costing isn't keen on the item however in assembling process, which is something other than a cost strategy, yet a worldwide administration apparatus. Clearly, there are factors that upset usage and getting great outcomes in Romanian substances. Among them the most powerful one is the attitude, or mental profile of Romanians, which don't support the accomplishment prerequisites of such administration, yet there is incredible analysis concerning the pressure staff needs to manage. 5. Ends In end Kaisen Costing is the perfect administration framework to decrease costs. Through the utilization of this administration style in administrative bookkeeping, substances with restricted assets could altogether alleviate the negative effect of current monetary and money related emergency. As Masaaki Imai shows, Restructuring or rehashing your organization can be ruinous, costly and frequently inoperable. Applying Kaizen in gemba (work, where the activity happens), noteworthy improvement is accomplished with low expenses in center business forms creation and benefits and can be gotten, as at no other time, significant jumps in consumer loyalty, in quality, efficiency and productivity. For the individuals who need to learn and apply this administration framework, I notice the accompanying points of interest: execution costs are decreased, as Kaizen utilizes existing assets and doesn't require huge interests in improving innovation, staff preparing costs are lower than for other strategy

Johnny Carson Ancestry and Family Tree

Johnny Carson Ancestry and Family Tree John William Johnny Carson (October 23, 1925 Ââ€"January 23, 2005 was an American entertainer, humorist and essayist most popular for his residency as host of The Tonight Show from 1962 until 1992. Conceived in Corning, Iowa to Homer Lee Kit Carson (no connection to the acclaimed western legend) and Ruth Hook Carson, Johnny grew up with his folks, more established sister, Catherine, and more youthful sibling, Richard (Dick), in Nebraska. Johnny Carson wedded his school darling Joan Wolcott on October 1, 1949. They had 3 children. In 1963, Carson separated Joan and wedded Joanne Copeland on August 17, 1963. After another separation, he and previous model Joanna Holland were hitched on September 30, 1972. This time, it was Holland who petitioned for a separation in 1983. Johnny at that point wedded Alexis Maas on June 20, 1987, a marriage that endure cheerfully until Carsons demise in January 2005. Tips for Reading This Family Tree Original: 1. John William (Johnny) CARSON was conceived on 23 Oct 1925 in Corning, Iowa.1 He kicked the bucket of emphysema on 23 Jan 2005 in Malibu, California. Second Generation: 2. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON2,3 was conceived on 4 Oct 1899 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.4 He kicked the bucket on 9 Apr 1983 in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona.5 Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON and Ruth HOOK were hitched in 1922.6 3. Ruth HOOK7 was conceived in Jul 1901 in Jackson Township, Taylor Co., Iowa.8 She kicked the bucket in 1985. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON and Ruth HOOK had the accompanying kids: I. Catherine Jean CARSON was conceived in Dec 1923 in Hand Hospital, Shenandoah, Iowa.81â â ii. John William (Johnny) CARSON.iii. Richard Charles (Dick) CARSON was conceived on 4 Jun 1929 in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa.9 Third Generation: 4. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON2,3,10,11 was conceived in Jan 1874 in Monona Co., Iowa. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON and Ella B. Strong were hitched on 28 Dec 1898 in Harrison Co., Iowa.12 5. Ella B. HARDY2,3,10,13 was conceived on 18 Nov 1876 in Magnolia, Jefferson Co., Iowa. She passed on 20 Aug 1967. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON and Ella B. Strong had the accompanying youngsters: 2 I. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON.ii. Charles E. CARSON3 was brought into the world around 1907 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.iii. Raymond E. CARSON10 was brought into the world around 1913 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.iv. Doris A. CARSON10 was brought into the world around 1918 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa. 6. George William HOOK14 was conceived on 27 Dec 1870 or 1871 in Lowry, St. Clair Co., Missouri.15 He passed on of a cardiovascular failure on 21 Dec 1947 in Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa. He is covered in Fairview Bedford Cemetery, Taylor Co., Iowa. George William HOOK and Jessie BOYD were hitched on 19 Sep 1900.15-17 7. Jessie BOYD6 was conceived on 6 Jul 1876 in Taylor County, Iowa.16 She kicked the bucket of anguish on 20 Jun 1911 in Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa.16 She is covered in Fairview Bedford Cemetery, Taylor Co., Iowa. George William HOOK and Jessie BOYD had the accompanying kids: 3â â i. Ruth HOOKii. John W. HOOK6 was conceived in 1904 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.18 He kicked the bucket of peritonitis in May 1911 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.19iii. Mary HOOK6 was conceived in Feb 1906 in Taylor County, Iowa.20,21iv. Florence HOOK6 was conceived in Feb 1910. She passed on in Feb 1910.22,23v. Jessie Boyd HOOK was conceived in Jun 1911.24 Fourth Generation: 8. Marshall CARSON11,25-28 was conceived on 14 Mar 1835 in Maine. He passed on 21 May 1922 in Logan, Harrison County, Iowa. He is covered in Logan Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa. Marshall CARSON and Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG were hitched on 17 Jul 1870 in Washington County, Nebraska. 9. Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG11,26-28 was conceived on 18 May 1847 in Fayette, Indiana. She passed on 12 Feb 1922 in Harrison County, Iowa. She is covered in Logan Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa. Marshall CARSON and Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG had the accompanying youngsters: 4â â i. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON.ii. Angie CARSON11 was brought into the world around 1875 in Nebraska.iii. Phebe CARSON11 was brought into the world around 1877 in Iowa.iv. Amilda CARSON11 was brought into the world around 1879 in Iowa.v. Ora CARSON26 was conceived in Jun 1881 in Harrison Co., Edgar M. CARSON26 was conceived in Feb 1882 in Harrison Co., Iowa.vii. Fred G. CARSON26-28 was conceived in Jul 1885 in Harrison County, Iowa. He passed on in 1923 in Harrison Co., Iowa.viii. Herbert E. CARSON26,27,29 was conceived in Dec 1890 in Harrison Co., Iowa. 10. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY10,13,30,31 was conceived on 1 May 1848 in Angola, Steuben Co., Indiana. He kicked the bucket on 21 Jul 1933 in at the home of his little girl, Mrs. C. N. Carson in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY and Viola Millicent VINCENT were hitched on 30 Jun 1872 in Iowa. 11. Viola Millicent VINCENT13,30,32 was conceived on 2 Apr 1855. She passed on 3 May 1935 in Harrison Co., Iowa. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY and Viola Millicent VINCENT had the accompanying youngsters: I. Loyd HARDY13 was brought into the world around 1866 in Iowa.ii. Louis HARDY13 was brought into the world around 1870 in Iowa.5 iii. Ella B. HARDY.iv. Delaven H. HARDY13,30 was conceived in Aug 1879 in Iowa.30v. Bruce L. HARDY30 was conceived in Sep 1881 in Iowa.30vi. Gladys HARDY30 was conceived in Oct 1896 in Iowa.30

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Using Your adopt a Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Utilizing Your receive a Business - Assignment Example On that note, pre-buy include a consciousness of the customers, for example, the items and administrations they need. Moreover, in refinement of mindfulness, the retailer must gain proficiency with the inclinations and tastes of customers and get a dependable criticism (Jefferson). That viewpoint carries us to data search. So as to assemble a database identified with clients, the business retailer should wander in the field and pose inquiries. Also, after data search an assessment of choices and choice concerning buy is huge. Besides, in a help experience stage, an assessment of contacts as far as low and high ought to be thought of. This helps with comprehension of the servuction framework and suggestions on administration conveyance in the business and how it influences customers. Furthermore, in the post-buy stage, an exacting examination of administration execution is basic so as to get ready for future goals. In any case, in Flower of Service Model there are different components of how the business fits. For instance, beginning with business center assistance, installment before any conveyance is stretched out to the clients. Besides, as far as consumer loyalty, when one petal of the bloom is broken, for example, friendliness during administration, customers will undoubtedly whine. Along these lines, in applying Flower of Service Model, the retailer gets data through counsel from different sources (Mary). Likewise, the retailer ought to consider taking requests prior to abstain from coming up short on stock. This will include recording billings of stock and buys made and benefits and misfortunes brought about. On the other hand, as far as upgrade and help of client forms, the model, clients need to given significant data associated with products and administrations offered by the retailer. Also, data should cover issues of deals, item change, alerts and updates among others. There are various

Transport Issues in Developing Cities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Transport Issues in Developing Cities - Essay Example It tends to the comparability and contrasts that exist between the vehicle circumstance in Lagos being a city from a lesser created country and the circumstance as depicted by New York and London being urban areas from the created countries of the world. Further examination is introduced in this in connection the degree to which logos city may profit by the encounters of the urban areas from created countries that is New York and London.  Over the years since 1995 Lagos is city portrayed by intricacy with a wide scope of monetary exercises occurring. It is the biggest urban focus in Nigeria. The number of inhabitants in Lagos is approximated to be generally 17.8 million (Oni 2004, p.35). Much of the time when a city is huge and as keeps on gaining development and improvement it turns out to be increasingly more perplexing having expanded potential for differing interruptions particularly according to the vehicle arrange henceforth the requirement for the supervisor of the intricacy in a compelling way. In tending to the likenesses and contrasts in transportation in the urban communities referenced it is very significant to take note of that the profitability of urban focuses is exceptionally trustworthy on the adequacy and effectiveness of the centre’s arrangement of transportation to encourage development of work, that of shoppers just as cargo starting with one goal then onto the next (National Transport P olicy for Nigeria 2003, p.54). Moreover, significant terminals of transportation for example air terminals, rail yards, and ports that are situated inside urban communities are known to be contributing components prompting transportation issues.  There is a significant wide scope of likenesses that exist between the circumstance of transport in Lagos and that of New York and London since 1995.

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Buy NSF Grant Proposal at BookwormLab and Get Qualified Assistance!

Buy NSF Grant Proposal at BookwormLab and Get Qualified Assistance! Buy NSF Grant Proposal at BookwormLab and Get Qualified Assistance! Writing an NSF grant proposal is a very responsible and important task and you want it to be perfect from the first time, as no one likes being rejected!.com is happy to offer NSF grant proposal help to its clients! Let us handle it for you! Our extensive experience in grant proposal writing allows us produce top-quality grant winning works! Take this chance, buy NSF grant proposal and use the free time you have for research preparation! Where Do I Begin? Each funding agency have its own goals and interests. It is absolutely necessary that you read the agency’s requirements and make sure you clearly understand what they are looking for. Also, remember to read not only the general request, but also the particular requirements of the division or department you’re planning to write for. Check List to Complete Before Submission Regardless of the agency you’re applying for a grant at, there are some general requirements all grant proposals should meet. Please take a look at the list and make sure your proposal includes all the necessary parts. Description of the problem you want to address. Full explanation of the goal you’re planning to achieve at the end of your research. Reasoning why you find this particular problem interesting and worth research. Your research plan step by step and explanation whether completion of this plan will get you closer to the answer of the question you addressed. Description of the sources needed for research completion and their availability. Why Order NSF Grant Proposal If you are afraid to submit a custom written paper, you can always use the work of our writers as an example of a good Business grant proposal before you start working on your own. Here are some of the advantages it gives you: You familiarize yourself with the layout, as the requirements on the website are often very confusing. You get an idea of what a successful proposal is, understand what kind of information should be included and omitted. You feel more secure when writing your own proposal, since you don’t have to think whether you’re doing it the right way. Feel free to order order NSF grant proposal and get professional assistance with your academic paper! How Do I Buy NSF Grant Proposal? It’s not hard at all! All you need to do is make an order and provide us with the paper details team will take care of the rest! Once your order is paid for, the writer starts working on it right away. You will receive email updates on your case. Also, you may contact us any time in case you have questions regarding your order. All our writers are native English speakers with degrees and substantial experience in various fields of study. That’s why we guarantee producing papers of the highest quality! Feel free to contact our customer care department 24/7 and ask all the questions you have. Order NSF grant proposal today and feel a huge relief! Your work will be done by a professional writer giving you time to prepare for the future research!

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What is Magic Understanding and Trying to Explain Magic - 825 Words

What is Magic: Understanding and Trying to Explain Magic (Essay Sample) Content: What is Magic?Name:Institution:Date:What is magic?AbstractThis paper attempts to demystify magic. It draws a picture of ritual magic and contrasts it with stage magic. In this paper, the contemporary views of philosophers are explored in order to attempt to gain a better understanding of magic. The role of magic in connecting human beings to supernatural beings will be explored. The methods used by magicians, including altering peopleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s states of mind, in order to convince them will be questioned. At length, an attempt to offer a precise explanation to what magic is will be made.Keywords: Magic.What is Magic?IntroductionMagic is a common term whose use often denotes the use of poorly understood methods to achieve extraordinary results. However, philosophical views of magic are much wider and intricate than this stereotypical view. Magic encompasses an entire realm of philosophical concepts that even the most thoughtful minds grapple with. Thought of simplist ically as pseudo-science, magic is not something fixed and out there. According to Wilson (1988), magic is an active force in our own minds; a commanding, closed-circuit force, a formidable opponent of reasoning that functions in the realm of our strong feelings.Trying to explain magicMagic is a system that makes use of actions and rituals grounded on occult and paranormal knowledge in order to gain an understanding of the natural world. While some philosophers think that magic and religion are different others conflate the two. For example, Lerner (2013) believes that some interpretations of Peter Winchà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s work require that magic and religion be viewed as concerned with human hopes, values and emotions rather than achievement of practical goals. In essence, philosophers holding this view believe that magic and religion are variants of a similar thing.Ritual magic and stage magic have in common the fact that both are meant to achieve supernormal feats. Ritual magic holds to the belief that nature can literally bend to an individualà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s will. This is in line with Thelemic teachings of Aleister Crowley who believed that every individual has their own will, which is the purpose of their existence. With this will, Crowley believed that every person is able to influence nature in order to achieve their destiny.Magic is often understood to be only stage magic, where magicians create an impression of performing impossible feats for the amusement of audiences. Indeed, both stage and ritual magic share the fundamental principle of a belief in making impossible things possible. Indeed, as Chadwick (2012) asserts, magic is often intended to à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"controlà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ spiritual beings and supernatural forces and seek their assistance. For example, symbolic links between human remains and death, fertility and regeneration and crops and harvest were drawn through and explained by magic. This assertion augers well for the argument that magic is a prac tice that is aimed at influencing nature in order for it to grant the wishes of the will.That said, one may be tempted to think of magic as a foreign, distant concept that is practiced by cults and detached people. The truth is that magic is perhaps ubiquitous. It appears to play a subtle role in each personà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s life. This is the belief of Wilson (1988) who states that magic is an omnipresent, active force in human life. Examples are given of communities in some rural areas of the world where ill wishes are invested with the power to bring other people to harm. Furthermore, misfortune or illness, or any other unfortunate occurrence may be attributed to the envy of another person. While the manifestations of magic are patently clear in those parts of the world, it is difficult to deny the influence of the à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"supernaturalà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ even in the most à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"civilizedà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ societies. It is difficult to deny the subtle, yet distinct, feeling that destin y or fate is at play when bizarre things happen. One cannot help but wonder whether there is a supernatural hand in the à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"miraculousà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ recovery of a sick relative, or the victory in an election à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"against all oddsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬. Expressions such as à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"miraculousà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ and à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"against all oddsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ are but a few examples of many phrases that lend credence to the almost universal belief that some supernatural forces are often at play in our daily lives.Magic that is discussed in a lot of philosophical literature is discussed more from the standpoint of its effects on peopleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s thinking, than its effectiveness at its purpose. Klaassen (2012) gives an account of the subjective nature of the perceptions of believers in medieval magic. Drawing from a host of medieval literature, he concludes that achieving subjectively convincing results can be tricky. In other words, he believes that magic as a mani...